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Tablet Calendar
Write and search your free-hand notes on a Tablet PC using a calendar metaphor!

Tablet Calendar for the Tablet PC and Origami UMPCs is designed to assist you with taking free-hand notes using a calendar metaphor.

As a result Tablet Calendar is perfect for jotting down notes, phone numbers, birthday reminders, lottery numbers, addresses, or anything else that usually ends up on a post-it note or sheet of paper.

With Tablet Calendar you now have a place where all your information loose can be keep in one location. Use Tablet Calendar as a day-by-day dairy or for taking inbound sales calls from your home-based business. With the free-hand flexibility of Tablet Calendar, you are only limited by your imagination for its use!

Download Tablet Calendar and give it a try.
You'll soon see why it's the perfect tool for your day-to-day needs!

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Here are some main features...

  • Add multiple note pages for each calendar date
  • Leaf through each page while on the calendar
  • Display any page on the calendar
  • Set alarms/reminders for each page
  • Print pages for review
  • Search for information you’ve added



Thank you for such a wonderful piece of software. I use it for To-do lists, organizing my thoughts, thinking up ideas and drawing concepts for projects around the house...
I use it for everything!

- Paula Sigalovich -

It's an Outlook Calendar made perfectly for the Tablet PC!

- David Horton-



Tablet Software requires Windows XP Tablet PC Edition running on a Tablet PC.

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